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Senior Pros:
All Professional golfers will be paired with other professionals and play in the Pro Division apart from the Amateurs.

Senior Amateurs:
All Amateur golfers are required to have an active, verifiable USGA/GHIN handicap index. A current GHIN handicap index from your local golf club or golf association will be accepted for entry into the tournament. Handicap Index must factor atleast (8) scorecard entries in the most current calendar year.

All entrants need to provide their most recent Handicap Index when registering for the tournament. All handicap indexes will be verified for competition. Players will be Flighted based on their Senior Open Tour Tournament Index and/or most recent Revision of their USGA approved Handicap Index. Golfers wishing participate who do not have a handicap index, can obtain a USGA/GHIN Handicap Index through the Tour. Applicants must submit atleast (5) recent scores with courses and tee markers played. If accepted and flighted for play, the Tournament will provide these golfers with a Tournament Handicap.

A Tournament Handicap Index will be established after participation in (4) events and will factor only scores from the tournament. A Tournament Index is calculated based on the following: 2 scores-lowest 1, 3 scores-lowest 3, 4 scores-lowest 3, 5 scores-lowest 4, 6 scores-lowest 5 and so on... up to 10 acceptable scores. Tournament Officials reserve the right to Re-Flight players at any time. Players will be notified by email upon acceptance of their entry form. Registration with Entry Fee will confirm player acceptance. Players can enter any Senior Open Tour event as often as they wish.