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The Senior Open Tour was extablished exclusively for senior male golfers who are 50 years of age and over. The Tour is owned and operated by DCI Golf, a division of DeSilva Communications, Inc. The Tour was founded in 2013 to provide professionallay organized, tour style golf events at some of the finest priviate, semi-private and public golf courses. Tour events are held throughout the year with a Tour Championship held annually.

The Tour has Two Separate Divisions:
•  An Open Division for Senior Professionals
•  An Indexed Division for Senior Scratch & Amateur golfers

Tour Membership:
Membership is not mandatory to play Tournaments on the Senior Open Tour. However, Senior Open Tour Members will receive:
• The Lowest Tournament Entry Fees
• USGA/Ghin Handicap Index
• Discounts on Sponsor products and services
• Senior Open Tour Player Pack
• Eligibility to participate in the Annual Senior Open Tour Championship

Tour Administration:
In order to cover Administration Costs, the Senior Open Tour will only take up to $20 per day from each Player's Tournament Entry Fee, in addition to all non-member and late entry fees. The Tour will pay 1/3 of the field for each Senior Open Tour event.

Flights & Yardages:
• Professional Division: 6,300 - 6,600 yards or comparable
• Amateur Championship: 0 - 3.9 index, 6,200 to 6,400 yards or comparable
• A Flight: 4 - 7.9 index- 6,000 to 6,200 yards or comparable
• B Flight: 8 - 11.9 index - 6,000 to 6,200 yardsor comparable
• C Flight: 12 - 15.9 index - 6,000 to 6,200 yards or comparable

Senior Professionals:
All Senior Professionals must have a W-9 on file with the Tour.
Professional Senior Golfers can join the Senior Open Tour for an Annual Membership Fee. Most Tournament for the Senior Pro Division are 2-day, 36 Hole events. All winners are paid at the conclusion of the event.

Senior Amateurs:
Amateur Senior Golfers can join the Senior Open Tour for an Annual Membership Fee. All senior golfers who want to participate in a Senior Open Tour event must have an active, verifiable USGA approved handicap index of 0 - 15.9. Each player's USGA handicap index must have peer review capability. Your USGA Handicap Index will be used to initially place you in a Flight for competition. Thereafter, the Senior Open Tour will create a Tournament Handicap Index based on your Tournament Scores in order to flight you in Tour events.

If you don't have a USGA approved handicap index, the Tour will provide one for you as part of your Tour Membership. Players are flighted in each Tour Event based on their established Senior Open Tournament Index and/or latest revision of their USGA handicap index. All amateur golfers compete with fellow golfers at their skill level within their flight. All winners in each Flight are determined by overall low gross score.

A Tournament Handicap Index will be established for all Amateur Players after participation in (4) events and will factor only scores from the tournament. Tournament Index is calculated based on the following: 2 scores-lowest 1, 3 scores-lowest 2, 4 scores-lowest 3, 5 scores-lowest 4, 6 scores-lowest 5 and so on... up to 10 acceptable scores. Tournament Officials reserve the right to Re-Flight Amateur players at any time.