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Deciding Ties

Whenever possible, 1st Place ties will be decided by an on-course sudden death play-off, based on course availability, available daylight and weather conditions. The play-off will start on Hole #18, then Holes #'s 17 & 18 and so on...until one player records a lower score than the other(s).

If a play-off is not feasible, matching score cards will determine the winner. The best cumulative score for the last 9 holes, then the last 6 holes, the last 3 holes and finally the 18th hole. If player scores are still tied, then the #1 handicap hole on the back nine (#2 handicap hole etc....) will determine the winner.

Inclement Weather Policy

Due to course reservation and cost factors, the tournament will be held rain or shine and no refunds will be issued.

In the event the tournament is temporarily suspended due to weather, every attempt will be made to complete the round, if it is safe do so. Upon temporary suspension of play, all players must cease play, mark their balls and seek shelter.

A player may choose to suspend play if he feels threatened by lightning or other adverse weather condiions.

If play has been suspended afer 9 holes in a Single Day event and the round cannot be completed safely, winners will be determined by the 9 hole score(s). Each instance will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In every instance, the Senior Open Tour will always place the safety of players first and foremost. Scores of players who withdraw from the tournament during a temporary suspension of play, will not be tabulated.

If the course is deemed unplayable by the Golf Course and/or the Senior Open Tour, prior to the event, the tournament will be re-scheduled and participants notified of the new date. If a player is unable to participate in a re-scheduled event, that player's entry fee will be applied as a TOUR CREDIT to a future Regular Season Senior Open Tour Event within the calendar year.

Golf Attire

Proper golf attire must be worn at all times - Golf shirts & golf shorts or slacks. Jeans, t-shirts, gym shorts, coaching shorts, cut-offs, jean shorts and tank tops are considered inappropriate and will not be permitted.


The Tournament requires the use of soft spikes.

Player Conduct

Player Responsibilities:

• All players are expected to respect the etiquette demanded by the sport. Bad behavior and poor sportsmanship, including disrespect towards fellow players will not be tolereated and may lead to disqulification from an event.

• Players may not throw their clubs or cause willful damage to course property.

• Players may not swear or use vulgar language.

• Players may not walk off the course during a Tournament without completing their round for any reason other than personal injury. Such action may result in expulsion from the Tour.

• Consumption of alcohol or drugs during an event is strictly prohibited.

• Verbal abuse of Tournament Officials or fellow players will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification from an event.

•Cell phones, beepers, radios and other such devices are strictly prohibited during Tournment play.

The Senior Open Tour reserves the right to revoke a player's Tour Membership and/or disqulify, suspend and expel a player(s) from any tour event for conduct deemed inappropriate or damaging to the Tour.