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Player Pairings

Senior Pros: Professional Players in the Senior Open Division will be paired with other players in the Pro Division. Competition will be separate and a part from the Senior Amateur Division.

Senior Amateurs: Amateur Players in the Indexed Division will be paired in Flights based on their established Tournament Index and/or latest revision of their most recent USGA approved Handicap Index. Pairings for the Amateur Division are established by the tournament to provide a level competitive playing field with players of a similar skill level or handicap index. For this reason, player requested pairings will not be honored.

Spectators & Caddies

Spectators are permitted subject to course restrictions and must practice proper golf etiquette. Spectators must walk the course and at no time is a specatator allowed to ride with a player. The use of spectator carts is not allowed. Coaching or communication with a player is not permitted at any time. Spectators must be atleast 25 yards away from players at all times and are not allowed on the fairways or greens. Spectators will be asked to leave the golf course for inappropriate conduct.

Caddies are permitted at Senior Open Tour events subject to course restricions and must walk the course. Caddies may not interfere with the pace of play. Caddies are the responsibility of the associated player and per USGA Rules of Golf - Rule 6.1, the player will incur any applicable penalty for any breach of a rule by a Caddie. Caddies are not permitted in a player golf cart. If a Caddie is found riding in a golf cart during an event, the associated player may be immediately disqualified. Caddies must conform to proper golf attire.

Advice and Information

Please remember that this is Tournament Play and no advice or information can be shared by players. Visitors or spectators must refrain from having any contact with a player. "Advice is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke. Information on the Rules or on matters of public information, such as position of hazards or the flagstick on the putting green, is not considered advice." General Penalty for a breach of Rule 8 in Stroke Play is: Two Stroke Penalty.